Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer's In Full Swing

Busy summer, actually.  My new grandson Eli (5 grandkids, now!) was born a couple of weeks ago.  My husband and I went to Seattle to help his brothers and parents.  We also took a few days off and went to Whistler.

I was glad I mustered the courage to take the ski lift - what fantastic views!

Back home, I was thrilled to find out I had won third place in the annual Colored Pencil Magazine competiton.

"Maryland Plaza", 11 x 14 

I've been focusing on cityscapes & I'm gradually building a nice body of work.  I'm working on Duralar, a brand of frosted acetate film.  Several layers of pencil on the front and more on the back give it rich, saturated color.  Here's what I'm working on now:

This one is of a restaurant in a south St. Louis neighborhood.  I caught a waitress writing on the chalkboard outside, plus the fabulous light.  No title yet, but maybe "The Daily Special".  Any other ideas?

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