Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's The Point?

I mean, what do I focus on when I paint something?  I've been zeroing in on two things, shadows and reflections.  I love doing cityscapes.  I began doing cityscapes about six months ago, and I'm hooked.  I love going outdoors to shoot the photos - a lot more fun than setting up a still life in my basement.  I see people running around, going about their day, and I like to speculate about what they're doing.  I love looking for shadows among the buildings or reflections in windows.  Here's one I recently completed of a street in St. Charles, MO.  It's across from one of the galleries I'm in, Missouri Artists On Main Gallery.

                                                      Memories On Main, 11 x 14, $230

St. Charles, MO has a charming main street filled with interesting shops and restaurants.  Throughout the 19th Century, German settlers developed it as a wine region and it became a booming pioneer town. During the 20th Century, residents worked to preserve homes, stores and streets from every period.

                                                     Restaurant On Main, 5 x 7, $150

When you see cityscapes or landscapes, do you like to know where they are located - or not?

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