Sunday, April 15, 2012

How Do You Sign Your Name?

 I've seen a few paintings that don't have any signature at all.  The last time a Monet exhibit was in St. Louis, I learned that the family signed for him.  I thought those signatures looked too perfect (they were a stamp)!  When I began doing my colored pencil work and framing them for the gallery I signed my whole name:

                                                  Three In A Jar 6 x 6 Buy this painting on Etsy

Lately, I've been playing around with my signature.  I looked at a lot of other artists - wow, what an array of styles!  Initials only, last name only, first name only, you name it (sorry for that).  I thought about a qr code:

How cool would that be?  But I finally decided on using my initials:

                                                 Blue Butterfly 8 x 8 Buy this painting on Etsy

How do you sign your name?


  1. Interesting question, Chinese brush painters make the signature an intrical part of the painting & the calligraphy is beautiful etc.

    Personally I use my initials and try to not take away from the composition of the work.

  2. I agree w/you, jcsvisuals. I like the look of my initials on the piece rather than my whole name. Less noticeable.

  3. Hmmm, maybe it's an age thing, (at least for me anyway) it seems that the older I get the simpler my signature gets. I'm down to just initials most of the time now and for some reason I've even started printing those.

  4. same here, Heather. Are you also a colored pencil artist? Your photos are lovely on your new blog!