Sunday, June 26, 2011

What is decoupage?

I just got turned on to decoupage.  It's a craft and the term comes from the French word meaning "to cut."  Cut out pictures, prints from documents, or other materials are applied to a surface.  I decided to try decoupage under glass.  Rather than use paper, I use material.  I look for modern, fresh prints in cotton.  I can decoupage about 4 small plates with 1/2 yd. of material, so it goes a long way!  I wash and dry the material, then iron it.  I cut out enough to leave at least 1" overlap.  An 8" plate would need at least a 9" or 10" circle.  I wash & dry the plate with a microfiber cloth.  I set the plate, upside down, on top of a pedestal.  I turn over a bowl for this purpose - it just keeps the plate up off of the table.  I lay the cut material next to it on the table.  Using a small brush, I paint the material with a good amount of Mod Podge, RIGHT SIDE UP.  Mod Podge is glue  I paint the bottom of the glass plate.  I turn the plate over, set it on the material and put it back on the pedestal.  Then, I paint the (wrong side of the material) plate with Mod Podge.  I let this dry overnight and finish by painting 4 - 6 coats of water based polyurethane (you can find this at local hardware stores), allowing the polyurethane to dry between coats.  These plates need to be hand-washed, they're not dishwasher or microwave safe.  I'm trying other glass projects, such as platters, bowls and candlestick holders.  You can see my decoupage items in my other Etsy shop, Zigzagarts


  1. I love this! I have decoupaged a few things but none that look this great! I'll try that with the fabric. We should get together and work on projects some day.