Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Procrastinate Tomorrow

I saw that motto recently, it doesn't describe me at all, I just like it.  Actually, I'm a doer.  I make lists & check them off.  Today I checked off two new paintings and started another.  I ordered new business cards, became a member of the Pencil Art Society and started painting my dining room table black (it's dark cherry).

This is my dining room/studio.  I was using a drafting table, but when I started getting shoulder pain, I switched to my dining room table so I could draw on a flat surface.  That's the buffet, converted into a computer desk.  And yes, those are golf clubs, an important part of my studio.  The painting on the wall was done by my husband's uncle, by the way.

My two new cityscape paintings are for sale here and here.

 So, are you a doer or a procrastinator?

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  1. I love how you captured the sunlight on the tree in "Little Hills."