Thursday, May 2, 2013


Here's a new one I'm working on, a scene from a small town near St. Louis.  I'm changing the photo a bit to create more light coming through the trees.  Right now I'm blocking in the main objects with one layer of color.  After I finish that, I'll be ready to work on details and add more color.  This is on Mylar, a frosted drafting film.  I've used this material on my last four paintings and I love it!

This new painting is in my Etsy Shop  It's 8" x 10", titled, "Kevin's Place".  I took a lot of photos on a sunny, snowy morning and had my husband pose in front of this darling cafe.  Using artistic license, I took out the snow and changed some of the back ground.  I love the shadows and window reflections!  Next month, I'll post more cityscapes.

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