Monday, April 1, 2013

Three New City Scenes

As promised, here is the finished painting, "The Loop"

                                      $300 on Etsy "The Loop" 11 x 14 colored pencil ©Susie Tenzer

I've also posted this on Fine Art America where you can purchase various prints. If you're in St. Louis, see it hanging in Wood Icing Gallery. 

Next to go up in the gallery is this one, titled "Maryland Plaza".  Fine Art America "Maryland Plaza" 11 x 14 ©Susie Tenzer

I love doing these city scenes!  I'm inspired by the light and shadows, reflections in windows, the people and cars moving about.  I'm working on a smaller piece in the same part of town:

I'm just blocking in the bricks and windows now.  I'll post the finished piece next month.

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