Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I Know Now About Art Festivals

This past weekend I was in an art festival, The Queeny Art Fair.  It's run twice each year by the local art organization, Greater St. Louis Artists Association.  I'm a juried member.  This was my fifth art fair and I'm learning a lot.  This time I was able to borrow a professional booth from my artist friend Jean McMullen. Thanks, Jean!

I think this made a huge difference in presenting my work to the public.  I did learn, however, to make better tags next time.  I printed short blurbs about each piece (with the price) and taped it to the panel.  The tape didn't stick very well, so I spent a lot of time putting them back up.  Next time I'll attach the tags with velcro (duh).  I loved this set up and wouldn't change a thing.

Talking to clients - I'm learning about that, too.  I feel much more comfortable selling myself and my work, now.  However, there were a few times I think I could have closed the deal, but I let the client walk away.

Talking to the juror - The juror was very nice and professional.  She only spent a few moments in my booth and asked me to describe my work (in a sentence or two).  Next time I'll have my "elevator speech" ready!  I don't think I did a terrible job but I can do much better and it may make the difference in winning an award (I didn't).

I'm looking forward to the next art festival!  What have you learned?

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