Monday, March 12, 2012

Painting Inside And Outside The House

I spent the weekend painting inside and outside the house.  I saw this lovely dining room on Houzz:

So I decided to do it in my dining room.  Wood Icing Gallery, where I sell my colored pencil paintings, also sells wood refinishing products.  I decided to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Everything I've heard about it is true, I didn't sand or prime (I did wipe it down, but that just took a minute).  I did the first coat in about an hour.

I'm on to the second coat today, then the wax.  I'll show you the finished dining room next week.

I also did a house portrait, a lovely home with spring plantings.  I enjoy doing these house portraits!  If you're interested in having one done of your house or a special place (maybe the church where you were married or the your childhood school), you can order one here:

                                Custom House Portrait 5 x 7 $170 8 x 10 $250 But It On Etsy


  1. You are so brave. I love your decorating, but I am such a chicken when it comes to painting furniture. (And my husband would be standing there saying, "I don't know about this . . .") What a lovely house portrait!

  2. Thanks, Sweet Posy Dreams! I'm not brave - my furniture begged to be redone. You have to know me, though, I'm always painting something! I probably change wall color every 2 yrs.!