Monday, November 12, 2012

Three Ways To Feel Successful At An Art Show

I participated in my third show last weekend.  It was two days of being on an emotional roller coaster!  Looking back though, I think there were several things that made it a success.

A lot of people came into my booth.  I ran out of promotional cards about my house portraits!  I talked to so many folks about my art and that felt great.  Hopefully down the road, some of those people will remember my work and commission or buy a painting.

I met a lot of wonderful artists who gave me terrific tips on selling and booth display.  They were encouraging and helpful.  It felt wonderful to be part of that community.  Many of those artists belong to the same local art organization and were glad to see me participating.

I made some money.  Not a lot, but I made my booth fee and more.  I'll definitely try it again, for the exposure, the comaraderie and sales.


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