Monday, October 29, 2012

Words On Paintings

I see cute little works of art everywhere, usually mixed media, with words on them.  Usually they're inspirational words or phrases.  Very popular.  So, for an upcoming art fair I decided to join the trend.

This is a little 6" x 6" painting I did awhile ago.  I added the words with photo shop.  I had it printed, cut it out and adhered it to a hardboard panel.  I varnished it, about three coats.

Here's another one - it turned out cute!  I'm going to sell them with little easels.  I thought this would be a good way to use the work I've already done - in a new way.  I've see other artists create magnets, book marks, journal covers, etc. with their work.  Have you done this?


  1. Yeah, I think that's a great way for artists to promote their work, as well as make it affordable for people who aren't able to buy an actual painting. :)

    I like your work. I'm always impressed with colored pencil drawings, because I've tried using them, and personally, it's a challenging medium. :P

  2. Kait, I'm sorry I didn't reply, I just saw your comment. thanks so much for reading my blog & for your kind comments!