Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Best Of Craigslist

I took a break from working on my new painting to post a couple of things on Craigslist.  I have two formal dresses that I wore to my children's weddings that I decided to try to sell.  I only wore them once and they've been hanging in the closet, so I figured why not?  I tried to come up with catchy ad titles to attract attention.

                                           Prom, MOB, Formal, Strapless Dress, Size 8

Strapless Formal Dress, Lavender, Size 6 

Boring, right?  So I was looking at Craigslist for ad ideas, when I happened to see (on the left side of the page) something that says Best Of Craigslist  These ads are seriously funny!  Some are crazy, sexy, or stupid.  My favorite so far is:

To the person who has my Ikea dresser...

I'm sorry to have to post this, but a horrible mistake was made. When you picked up the dresser I was not at home. My roommate was supposed to make sure that my ferrets were put away, but...
Bottom line, my two ferrets are in separate drawers of the dresser. They should be okay, but I wanted to warn you not to take them both out at the same time.
They were rescues... and I was never able to socialize them.
They not only fight, but actively plot each other's demise.
Otherwise - they're perfectly fine!
Please call or email when you read this.
*sorry for the inconvenience 

Anyway, I spent a long time reading these, way too long.  Here's my new wip:

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