Monday, December 10, 2012

Try Having An Art Show At Home

I have an artist friend who I see a couple of times each year.  We taught at the same elementary school - I'm a retired teacher - and now we're friends in this new way.  She's a jewelery and fiber artist and she excels at both mediums.  We both juried into the The Best Of Missouri Hands, a non profit artists' organization promoting excellence in the arts.  We attended a conference together which was fun.  She has several small boutiques each year in her home and invites her artist friends to sell their work.  It's low-key and I've met some wonderful people.

Here are photos of her jewelry displays, plus fiber art on the wall.  She's been creating jewelry for quite awhile and has built a large following.

She does Nuno felting and makes scarves and wraps.  Her love of this medium has recently led her to try some wall art. We talk about our art techniques and the business side of selling art.  I've learned a lot & I hope she has learned a few things from me, too.

Here's my set up at her house.  I pulled a few original paintings as well as some prints and cards from the galleries I'm in.  Don't you think having an art show in a home is a great idea?    


  1. That's a really great idea, it seems very personal and fun. I just love the entrepreneurial spirit of artists!

  2. Hi Brienna, thanks for stopping by! I know, isn't this idea terrific?

  3. What a great idea! Can't wait to have one of these at our home one of these days!! Maybe next year! :) Found you through Blogging Buddies! Would love some love! hehe

  4. Thanks, Shawna, I'm heading over to your blog...

  5. great idea,! i only wished i had a bigger home...