Monday, September 10, 2012

Are The Holidays Here Yet?

It's only September, but I'm already thinking about the holiday season.  Not so much about buying gifts, but making them.  I was juried into an art festival in November, so I'm preparing for that; as well as adding cards and prints with holiday themes to my inventory at Wood Icing Gallery and Missouri Artists On Main Gallery.

                                                 5 x 7 blank folded greeting cards sold on Etsy

                                                        5 x 7 folded blank card

Meanwhile, I'm working on finishing a house portrait.  This one is fun!  My client has been married for 23 years and he wants to surprise his wife with a collage of the four homes they've lived in for Christmas.  We decided to do four separate 4" x 6" paintings, so she can have them matted any way she wants.  I commended him for getting his holiday shopping done so early!

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