Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Finish!

Well, I know it's an exciting title, but I just want to show you what my finished painting looks like next to the original photo that I took.  I've been very busy painting landscapes lately and I love it!  I went to our local botanical garden last month and took this photo:

It's a building named the Linnaen House after scientist Carl Linnaeus.  The doors open to a beautiful indoor garden filled with gorgeous, fragrant plants.  The pools in front of the house are what caught my eye.  I love painting reflections:

                                                   Garden House 5 x 7 by Susie Tenzer

I keep all of my photo references.  I'll post them from time to time, along with the finished work.


  1. Wonderful! Love the reflection on the water :)

    Blogging Buddies Team

  2. Thank you, Heather! Reflections are one of my favorite things to do, whether on water or glass.