Monday, June 25, 2012

My New Art Studio

I'm exhausted.  My husband & I had two of our grandkids stay this past weekend while their parents went out of town.  What a whirlwind!  So I'm having a quiet (ahhhh, no commotion, just silence) day.  Last week, before the grandkids came, I painted my dining room white.  It was a pale yellow, but I got tired of it.  So, while I was paintng, a thought occurred.  This room has such great light - I rarely use it - this would make a wonderful art studio!  I had all of my art stuff in a spare bedroom, an office/studio type set-up.  But I actually thought I'd love to be in this room every day since the bedroom is small & has a tiny window.  Here's the dining room before:

Here's my new studio:

I love it!  I'm still getting organized.  I'm going to take down the chandelier - I keep bumping my head on it since there's no dining room table!  The large painting was done by my husband's uncle, an artist.  Maybe this is a bit unconventional, but I think I'll be glad to get lots of use out of this room.  Here's what I'm working on right now, one of my new landscapes:

Have you repurposed a room?


  1. Good for you! So many people have dining rooms they rarely use. We actually use ours everyday because our old house doesn't have an eat-in kitchen. Your dining room was really charming, but I bet you are going to enjoy the space even more as a studio.

  2. Thanks, Sweet Posy Dreams! Btw, I just printed out the Chinese Chicken Salad recipe from your blog - thanks

  3. This is a great idea Susie and I can see why you decided to do it. The light and space look very inviting.