Monday, May 21, 2012

To Watermark Or Not?

Ok, I decided yes.  I read a tutorial on Fox Hollow Cottage blog and it didn't seem very difficult.  I decided not to go back and put watermarks on all of my colored pencil paintings.  So, I'm starting with this one:

                                                        Old Courthouse, Old Glory 8 x 10 nfs

Not for sale, yet.  I'm entering it into the Midwest Color 2012 exhibition sponsored by the CPSA Chicago district Chapter.  This painting of the old courthouse in downtown St. Louis, MO. is a reflection in a nearby window. .

I've been taking photos all around the St. Louis area, for a series on local landmarks.  Here's my current work-in-progress:

I'm saving working on the Gateway Arch last - I want to make it stand out.  I fiddled with the watermark on this image, making it larger.  Do you use watermarks?


  1. I’m not really sure it does any good. Like they say it only keeps honest people honest. If someone really wants to use your image they’ll do it with or without the watermark, they’ll just remove it anyway. That being said, I do when I think to add it. I guess I always hope that it’ll at least make them think about it first. Unfortunately in this day and age most people don’t think there’s anything wrong with copy/paste or right clicking and saving, some don’t even realize that using someone else’s image is copyright infringement and just plain wrong.
    I like how you did yours, it doesn’t obscure your work. But it would be very very easy to remove.
    I love the colors in the courthouse and how the flag just pops against the sea of greens and blues. Well done Susie!

  2. Thanks, Heather! If someone copies the image, don't they have to cut off the bottom part w/my name (thus partly ruining it)?