Monday, November 21, 2011

Top Five Food Blogs

I have a new found love of food.  I didn't always love food.  For many years, due to a chronic illness, I had to limit salt.  My cooking was bland, my food life was blah.  Now that I'm able to eat normally, I'm becoming a bit adventurous.  Have you noticed that I paint a lot of food?  I love the colors, shapes and textures of food.

Here's one of my food photos, a set up for a new painting.

Here's the painting, "Two Scoops".  I'll be posting this painting and more small works on Etsy

 I recently discovered the world of food blogs.  Some of these blogs have the most amazing photos of food you'll ever see!  Here are my top five favorite food blogs:
1.  Smitten Kitchen  Written in an easy, breezy style by Deb Perelman, this food blog is about classic comfort food.  No fancy food ingredients, here!  Just good food & amazing photos.
2.  101 Cookbooks  This one is by Heidi Swenson.  She features wholesome, vegetarian recipes along with fabulous photos.  The food reflects her world travels.  I want to try the Baked Quinoa Patties.
3.  Seven Spoons  This blog has lovely photos and great writing by Tara O'Grady.  She makes each recipe look and sound delicious!
4. TasteSpotting  Talk about beautiful photos!  Folks submit food photos, you click on the photo and are taken to the recipe.  You can search by various categories.
5.  Foodgawker  This is the same idea as TasteSpotting.  I could spend hours looking at these photos and I've tried several of the recipes.  There's a "gawkerverse": dwellinggawkerweddinggawker and  craftgawker.

Do you look at food blogs?  Any favorites?


  1. I think thats great that you can take inspiration from food to fuel your art and your life. Nice post

  2. The food blogs are fun, but in a pinch I usually go to or Cooking is not my forte, so I look for easy recipes!!

  3. Yep, severely limiting diets (for health reasons) take a lot of the joy out of cooking and eating. Glad you are enjoying more variety now.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Love your list of blogs, I personally do not do a lot of cooking but daughter and hubby do. Thanks for the list

  5. love the list! i'm starting to learn how to cook and these sites are very helpful!

  6. You are so talented! I admire your work!

  7. An artist takes inspiration from many sources! Very impressive!

  8. I love smitten kitchen and the gawker universe :) That ice cream artwork is amazing!