Monday, August 1, 2011

What's Etsy?

It's an on-line store featuring hand-made products from all over the world.  I love selling my art on Etsy and I've met some wonderful people.  It's fairly easy to create a shop. There are great tutorials which take you through the process.  My first shop was named Zigzagarts (I thought this name gave a nod to drawing with a pencil), which I opened in Nov., 2010.  I sold two paintings in the first three months, so I was happy!  I began to realize, though, that it might be an advantage for me to brand my art with my own name.  By the first part of 2011, I was showing my work in a local gallery and entering art competitions.  I decided to change my Etsy shop name to Susie Tenzer which was a bit challenging, because Etsy doesn't allow name changes!  I removed all of my items, one by one, to my new shop, leaving Zigzagarts bare.  Soon after I had my first sale!  In June I decided to reopen Zigzagarts with decoupage art.  Now I'm the proud owner of two shops.  I joined several marketing groups plus a few artists' groups and I find folks to be very supportive.


  1. Great video and post, Susie!
    Had never seen this video before!


  2. thanks, Mary, I thought some folks might want more info re Etsy.

  3. I did the same thing (changing shops to my own name) and I'm happy I did it, I can see you are too! Congrats on your Etsy sales, here's to many, many more!