Friday, July 15, 2011

Custom Bridal Bouquet Portraits

Your wedding bouquet in a painting!  People tell me they love to give this gift.  After the wedding, you'll be able to enjoy your beautiful bouquet for years.  Mothers and mothers-in law will love having portraits made of their flowers, too.  I use colored pencil on archival paper.  The image size is 8" X 10" which will fit nicely in a standard 11" X 14" frame.  The paintings come unframed and cost $250.00.
Sure, you'll have photos of your bouquet, but nothing beats the beauty of an original artist's rendering.  Here's an example of one of my favorites.  I draw from a photo which I enlarge.  I love to draw details and larger images allow me to see details clearly.  After I transfer the image to the paper I map out the initial base colors.  Next, I layer from 6 to 12 colors to achieve vibrant, rich tones.  Colored pencil is a slow process!  It takes about two weeks to complete a painting this size.  It's very satisfying to know how happy my clients are when they receive my painting.  They know how much care has gone into the creative process.      

Custom Bridal Bouquet  8" X 10" by Susie Tenzer


  1. hi susie! stunning work! i love it...i haven't tried colored pencil yet..its quite beautiful...what do u use to transfer the image to the paper..graphite?
    all the best- i love your blog and fb page..lots of great info!

  2. Thanks for you kind comments! I use Saral graphite transfer paper. As I go along, putting down cp, I erase w/a kneaded eraser.